Use The Right Tool

“Because of the accelerating rate of change in our environment and its increasing complexity, much of what we know becomes obsolete in less and less time. Therefore, learning how to learn is much more important than what we learn.” Russ Ackoff, On Learning and Systems That Facilitate It, Center For Quality Of Management Journal, Fall 1996) 

Russ Ackoff’s observation predates the launch of Google by two years, yet perfectly captures the spirit of the challenge we face a quarter of a century later in 2022. As a caveat included in the recent Yale Climate Opinions Map shows, the data is fluid. The congressional redistricting defining much of the data are in flux.

The opinions and pressures impacting the data defining the map are complex. Do regional opinions shift as redistricting lines are drawn? Or are redistricting lines drawn to shift the data outcome of a region? Policy and politics meet beliefs and attitudes meet behaviors and actions. Disciplines cross

In our era of rapid change, it seems we are being schooled in interconnectivity. It’s one reason the impact of change is increasingly complex. Disciplines blend.

How do researchers, working within a torrent of moving information, easily reach across data sources necessarily constructed as silos? How do researchers collaborate, reach and share complex information stores yet keep proprietary knowledge secure?

Their tools don’t allow for it. Their tools were made for a time of compartmentalization. Researchers need a modern tool that helps them reach and share and learn. They need software designed to address the complex information challenges in this age of accelerating change.

That’s the idea driving the KnowNow pioneers. Create tools that thrive at the intersection. Tools made for reaching across data silos yet capable of keeping the silos secure.

Are you interested in research software capable of searching, reaching, linking and tagging across source boundaries? Visit KnowNow to find software created for collaboration in the age of networks and interconnectivity.

As Director of Professional Services, David Robinson creates solutions at KnowNow and Factor10x. Visit for more information or to apply for KnowNow early Beta