See What’s Important

On average, 100 new emails greet Knowledge Artisans each day when they sign-in to work. With 100 new emails, multiple Slack channels, calendars, texts, chats and notifications constantly competing for attention, it’s possible to attend to the most immediate things, but what about the most important things?  

Knowledge Artisans are not suffering a shortage of information or lack of communication. With more data coming faster and faster through competing dynamic channels, their challenge is no longer a question of information management, it’s a question of focus management.  

The work-reality for the Knowledge Artisan has flipped. For workers of yore, context was stable; information moved at the speed of an assembly line, a typewriter and fax machine.  

The important information was easy to see and find.  

Not so for Knowledge Artisans of today.  Context doesn’t exist until they wake up in the morning. 90% of the world’s data was created in the last 2 years. Information moves faster than fingers can type, faster than eyes can read, faster than filing systems can track. Information moves faster than brains can remember or sort for relevance. Context rarely survives the night. It never survives opening the first of the hundred emails. Context is as dynamic as data. The picture often changes by the minute. 

Knowledge Artisans aim at a moving target through a blizzard of information made notable by its fading relevance. They’re creating context for content. They’re determining importance on the fly.  

These artisans require a different set of smart tools that allow them to see across their fast-moving data, across all their channels, across all their document types. A set of tools that allows them to pivot their focus, to see wide overviews and to narrow to minutiae in a heartbeat. That set of tools is KnowNow

As Director of Professional Services, David Robinson creates solutions at KnowNow and Factor10x.

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