The cartoons I’m drawing for KnowNow have, over time, evolved into themes. Among my favorite to write are the “Conversations With A Computer” series. 

When he introduced me to the purpose of KnowNow, Skip used actual case-scenarios. The real-life-numbers of production managers and management consultants. I was astounded. After grokking the full reality of people’s work lives, I jotted a punchline idea in the margin of my notebook, “I’m designed to run you down.” 

The computers in my series are truth-tellers. They are as perplexed by their humans as their humans are perplexed by them. It’s a mini-retelling of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. The complex relationship of creator and created. The unforeseen surprises that innovation unleashes on innovators. 

There is a direct relationship between pain and laughter. We laugh at other people’s pain. We transform our own pain through humor. According to this simple relationship, in this age of information, it’s a wonder we’re not in stitches all the time. 

As Director of Professional Services, David Robinson creates solutions at KnowNow and Factor10x.

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