First 15 Minutes to Meet Your Goals

My days start with a quick review of unread messages, outstanding tasks and upcoming meetings to alert me to priority requests or blown deadlines. I promote action items to tasks linked to active projects or tag low priority items for later recall. My perspective shifts from tactical inbox trenches to my strategic projects and goals before deciding how to spend my day.

User drowning in a digital sea
Are you drowning in a sea of dark data?

Quantitative goals include the value of successful outcomes. Knowing those values enables you to prioritize and select the tasks that will generate the most value for the time spent. Proactively driving your daily tasks towards goals instead of reactively hopping between message responses allows me to stay in flow and compete deliverables.

Are you drowning in a sea of dark data pouring from multiple inboxes, Teams chats and Slack channels? No one can make sense of hundreds of unclassified items or file every incoming email. The key is having a personal A.I. assistant to tag and link items to your projects and goals so that you can focus on what is important. Your personal models can make order from the chaos of dark data and dynamically learn from your decisions.

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As Chief Innovation Officer, Greg Buckles pilots transformation at KnowNow and Factor10x.

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