Digital Samurai – Next Generation of Knowledge Artisans

Are you a Digital Samurai?

Harold Jarche coined the term Knowledge Artisan as someone ‘augmented by technology using their skills and networks to solve complex problems and test new ideas’. This term fits our KnowNow customer definition, even if modern consultants, product managers and researchers might not recognize themselves as Knowledge Artisans. Instead, many may identify as Digital Samurai, tech savvy experts wielding their troops, tools and cunning to advance goals and initiatives.

The Pandemic has empowered professionals while increasing automation and monitoring weaken the prospects of unspecialized labor, widening the divide between Artisans and Craftsmen. The modern Digital Samurai continuously hones their skills (Kaizen) to rise through the ranks to positions of greater authority or autonomy in the mega-corp (Zaibatsu) hierarchy. Cultivating skills and expertise through continuous learning and practice is a universal theme found near (Chinese Gongfu) and far (European Maestro).

While historical samurai were bound to their daimyos, the rapid rise of the modern professional gig or contract worker is creating a new class of Digital Ronin. Independent consultants, graphic artists and other knowledge artisans frequently manage multiple projects and clients simultaneously in our new remote work environment. They are frequently expected to apply their own tools, storage and networks to client projects. These embedded independent contractors may be the new future of work in the wake of the #GreatRestructuring and #QuietQuiting.

Digital Ronin must be able to access, monitor and manage client communications and digital content without comingling or contaminating them. This requires a new generation of A.I. driven tools. Personal, portable learning engines that understand your context to show you what is relevant. This is the KnowNow vision. To connect, enabling co-creation and building your communities of knowledge.

Are you a Digital Samurai, Ronin or Sensei? Then you need to KnowNow.  

As Chief Innovation Officer, Greg Buckles pilots transformation at KnowNow and Factor10x.

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