Inbox Zero 3.0 or Inbox Read

Many digital professionals like my friend Jason Velasco use Merlin Mann’s 2006 Inbox Zero approach to manage the daily 100+ emails digital professionals receive. Most ‘filer’ methods require the user to delete or folder all messages at least once a day to minimize the time lost constantly checking unread email and chat. I distinctly recall arguing ‘filer vs. finder’ approaches …

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See What’s Important

Knowledge Artisans are not suffering a shortage of information or lack of communication. With more data coming faster and faster through competing dynamic channels, their challenge is no longer a question of information management, it’s a question of focus management.


We laugh at other people’s pain. We transform our own pain through humor. According to this simple relationship, in this age of information, it’s a wonder we’re not in stitches all the time.

Digital Samurai – Next Generation of Knowledge Artisans

Harold Jarche coined the term Knowledge Artisan as someone ‘augmented by technology using their skills and networks to solve complex problems and test new ideas’. This term fits our KnowNow customer definition, even if modern consultants, product managers and researchers might not recognize themselves as Knowledge Artisans. Instead, many may identify as Digital Samurai, tech …

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Digital Working Styles

In 1997, I came across research the Doblin Group performed with Steelcase, Inc. that assessed the information styles of office workers.  The research identified six different information styles: “To categorize the different styles, researchers first identified how workers garnered, stored and shared information. Using trials to document how information flowed, they were able to assign …

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Take A Forward Step

If you asked me to name the big-three-challenges in the world of work, without a second thought I’d rattle off this list:  Information Uncertainty (questions of relevance)  Information Overwhelm (too much, too fast)  Instability (incessant content flowing without context)  With few exceptions, most organizational systems are designed to control the movement and flow of information. …

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