Skip Walter

CEO of Factor10X, Innovation Catalyst, author of Emails to a Young Entrepreur, executive coach, husband, father, grandfather

Digital Working Styles

In 1997, I came across research the Doblin Group performed with Steelcase, Inc. that assessed the information styles of office workers.  The research identified six different information styles: “To categorize the different styles, researchers first identified how workers garnered, stored and shared information. Using trials to document how information flowed, they were able to assign …

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UX with BlinkUX

Thirty years ago I had the pleasure of teaching Kelly Franznick about product planning when he was a Masters Student at the Institute of Design at Illinois Tech. Over the years our careers intertwined and we enjoyed the reciprocal learning of two #entrepreneurs. Since our early learning, Kelly became a master of user experience (#UX) …

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What if We Could KnowNow

In January 2017, Eric Robinson and I attended a senior executive meeting of FTI Consulting where the keynote speaker was Heidi Gardner, Distinguished Fellow at Harvard Law School  She described how her research on Smart Collaboration could be used by professional services companies to exponentially increase their revenues organically. Professor Gardner shared that her research …

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