David Robinson

See What’s Important

Knowledge Artisans are not suffering a shortage of information or lack of communication. With more data coming faster and faster through competing dynamic channels, their challenge is no longer a question of information management, it’s a question of focus management.


We laugh at other people’s pain. We transform our own pain through humor. According to this simple relationship, in this age of information, it’s a wonder we’re not in stitches all the time.

Take A Forward Step

If you asked me to name the big-three-challenges in the world of work, without a second thought I’d rattle off this list:  Information Uncertainty (questions of relevance)  Information Overwhelm (too much, too fast)  Instability (incessant content flowing without context)  With few exceptions, most organizational systems are designed to control the movement and flow of information. …

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Be A Finder

This statistic from a McKinsey report crosses my screen several times every week: employees spend 1.8 hours every day searching for information. 19.8% of their time is spent looking for relevant stuff.   What startles me about the ubiquity of this statistic is that it’s from 2012. In technology time, that’s an eon ago. I did …

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See Like An Inboxer

Let’s face it, rabbits cannot produce rabbits as fast as business has produced communication routes.  Of course, that’s not extravagance. The rapid proliferation of communication channels and differing types of channels is driven by necessity: single communication strategies can’t keep up with the meteoric rise and rapid pace of information. We Slack for immediacy, tweet …

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See Across

At the beginning, to make the problem clear to me, Skip shared some numbers. A day in the life of an actual person, a project manager: 10 active clients representing 15 projects, 150 Slack channels to monitor and, my personal favorite impossibility: she facilitates 15 different calendars. Torrents of information swirling in separate information silos. …

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