A cloud-based portable knowledge mastery system
for the independent knowledge artisan

that puts
at the center

Your people, ideas, & actions,
across professional & personal work,
come together in a single pane of glass

Step into the center

Why chase?

Bring your content to you.

Why tab-hop?

Work from a single browser window.

Why switch tools?

Use your preferred cloud-based apps.

3 Kinds of Smart

Intelligent Search

“We’re not just SEARCHING,
Silos. Sources. File types.
My view is wide or narrow.
I can pivot
  to see in the context of what I need.
I see what I need on my terms!” ~G.B.

Your data. Your way. Right now.

Intelligent Meetings

“Meetings should be an asset,
not a time-toilet!
People, actions, and ideas
in meetings.
Done well, they are hidden value.” ~ ELW

What used to take hours,
takes minutes.

Coming Soon

Intelligent Projects

“A project is a series of tasks,
linked to a goal
with a deadline.”
~ Tiago Forte

Purposeful action.
Know where you are;
measure it forward.

Why KnowNow?

3 Principled Reasons:


Your digital knowledge should be available, portable, and in a tool independent of employment, while also protecting the proprietary information of employers, customers, and suppliers.


Your digital knowledge should reside in systems of your choosing and should not be moved, indexed, or processed independently of your chosen system.


Data Security is among our prime directives. KnowNow does not copy, store, index or
co-mingle your data.

Keep found things found.

Meetings made meaningful.

See your progress. Master your process.


Experience the power of seeing and working across all of your sources from a single application.

Connect. Co-Create. Community.